How Can I Help? is a valuable resource for parents, teachers, nurses, managers, friends and relations – virtually anyone who wishes to help another person facing a problem, from relationship issues or work challenges to reaching a personal goal or managing a health concern. 

This resource was created primarily to help, because the authors try to present information easily, accurately and concisely. Also, if you are worried that you could not find an answer to your question, or didn't find information that can be included in your research, contact the best writing service.

In this easy-to-use primer, How Can I Help? authors and therapists Anna Ranieri and Joe Gurkoff offer a straightforward, step-by-step-guide to give you  the knowledge, skills and confidence to be truly effective when you  decide to counsel someone who is facing one of life’s inevitable challenges, "Your Roadmap to Effective Counseling: How Can I Help?".


Each chapter provides an overview of a specific step in the helping process, insight into why that step works, a description of how to accomplish it, and a way to evaluate what to do next.  

The authors use examples of typical problems to illustrate why giving advice rarely works, how to encourage progress, when confrontation is appropriate and how to transition away from the helping role once the problem has been resolved. You’ll also learn how to recognize clues that professional help may be needed, and what to do if at any point you decide that you’ve done all you can or want to do.

If you’re looking for a roadmap to providing counsel that is supportive, realistic and doable, How Can I Help? is your indispensable, go-to guide.